Shipley Project Partnership
Website designed and developed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery (2016).

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Shipley Project Partnership is a group based in Shipley Country Park that organises and recruits volunteers to carry out maintenance and conservation work as well as the management of events within the park and the local community. This website was created as part of the university module "IT Team Project" in which I, along with a group of others had to create a website for the external client, chairman of Shipley Country Park, Paul Smith.

The website was created with volunteering in mind, in that there is plenty of information on the site as to how people can get involved, how to get to and around the park and who to contact. There are also pages for registering interest with Paul about specific volunteering days or tasks. Volunteers cannot be recruited if the website does not also give general information about the park. As such, there is a map, gallery of images and details about the parks facilities.

The design process started with contact between us and the client, where we discusssed what ideas he had, what colours he liked, what he does and doesn't like about using websites and what functions he may want. We then went away and drew some quick sketches and discussed amongst ourselves how to tackle the project. We then created some Balsamiq mockups to present to the client, who was happy to go ahead with some minor changes. Once we had completed that we created a rough prototype with Axure for him to understand the flow and layout of the website. I then developed the website entirely by myself using HTMl, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I then met personally with Paul over several months to ensure completion of the site. The most up to date version of the site can be found here, as the latest version has not been uploaded to the client's website server.