Period Floors
Website designed and developed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery (2016).

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Period Floors is a part of Alternative Tiles Ltd, an independent tile and bathroom retailer based in Derby. The idea of this website was to be an overhaul of the old site which was built in 2009. The old website was not responsive, and was not optimal in terms of usability, despite being a basic, static site. It was fixed at around 800px with very small font sizes. Aesthetically, it was also quite outdated, with small, low-quality images.

The new website spans the full width of the screen to increase the amount of space to work with and to improve the aesthetics of certain elements. It is responsive throughout, including the newly added Quick Quote page which allows users to fill out a form and get a quote for their new floor. As well as new features, old functionality has been updated to improve satisfaction and readability while also decreasing the amount of bugs and the network load.