Blancpain GT Series TV Graphics Mockup
Improving the Blancpain GT Series TV graphics using Adobe Illustrator. 2018.

UI/UX Design

This project is an attempt to increase the aesthetics, readability and efficiency of the Blancpain GT Series TV graphics which haven't been updated in several years. The aim is to increase screen space whilst still displaying all releveant information in a clear and interesting way.

Original Blancpain Graphics
Areas to Improve
  • The current status of the race - whether the session is green, yellow or red is not entirely clear because of the thin strip of colour next to the timing graphic at the top of the screen.
  • The use of gradients between light and dark to create a 3D effect on the various elements create a busy look that is unnecessary.
  • Fonts used are blocky and not very elegant.
  • Inconsistent style of displaying flags cuts off some flags and not others, for example the full Italian flag is displayed but the British flag is cut off.

Remake 1
  • These graphics take up much less room than the previous version, allowing for more focus on the racing.
  • The use of flat colour and sharp lines creates a much cleaner look when compared to the previous version which used gradients and shadows to create 3D effects.
  • New graphics use cleaner, thinner font which is much more modern looking.
  • Flags are removed since they are not necessary in the "gap to leader" graphics and can draw attention away from other elements.
  • Car numbers have been added to allow viewers to follow specific cars much easier.
  • Timing has been moved from the top to the bottom left to provide more space, with the background being either green/red/yellow depending on the race status.
  • The colours are contrasting enough to show clear divisions in objects, but not that they are distracting. They are also in keeping with Blancpain GT Series' brand colours of red and black.

Original 2
Areas to Improve
  • Again, the use of shadowing and colours to create a 3D effect, along with the flags make the graphics quite loud and difficult to focus on.
  • TThere isn't enough information for the graphics to really be useful. If the graphics are there simply to show the positions of drivers, they take up too much room. If the graphics are there so get across what is occurring in the race, more information is necessary.

Remake 2
  • The number of drivers on display has been cut from 20 to 10 to free up space.
  • The flags have been changed from a cropped 3D-style to flat flags that are cleaner and fit better with the clean lines of the rest of the design.
  • Additional information such as the current lap and gap between drviers from the leader has been added whilst keeping space used to a minimum.
  • The timing graphic has been moved to the same block of graphics as the driver position graphic to make it easier to see.
  • The current session status graphic has been enlarged and placed as the background to the timing graphic.

Additional Features - Driver Duel
Additional features - driver chase

Using this clean style lends itself well to additional graphic designs. Because of the use of flat shapes and high-contrasting yet consistent colouring, graphics can be designed that are not distracting or conflicting with eachother. For example, this "driver duel" graphic could be used to show a current battle that the director wants to emphasise. All relevant information is displayed but the space used is kept to a minimum. This graphic is also not distracting, meaning that it can be kept up for a while, as long as the battle continues without drawing attention away from the other action if othes want to ignore it.

Driver Profile
Additional features - driver profile

This graphic shows a short profile of a particular driver. Again, it is clean and consistent with other graphics and does not draw attention away from the main action.